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Our Mission

We are simplifying the job search and career-related activities: to organize the most important content, provide a roadmap to secure job offers, share insights to advance careers, and support you to fulfill your career aspirations.

Our Goals

We have been in your shoes: The shoes of the job seeker. We have also been on the other side: As the hiring manager. We bring the perspective of students and experienced professionals. We are managers, mentors, and career coaches. We have had your career goals and your career challenges. We get it.

Archer aims to give ambitious professionals the tools, focus, and insights to achieve top choice job offers and advance careers, and to be a guide through gnarly career challenges across career stages.

We are 100% on your career team - to support you and the achievement of your career aspirations.


To help you get the job you want and aspire to


To advance your career goals


To create economic prosperity through employment


To enable individuals to be proud of what they do and inspired to do great things


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

eleanor roosevelt  |  First lady and activist


Our Story

We are focused on a journey to simplify job searches and drive career advancement.

In 2008, Pam Schilling went from business to coaching. Immediately, she gave attention to better ways to help clients and students be more successful in their job search. There were tools - spreadsheets, notebooks, reminders, and to do lists. There were also many powerpoints with processes, volumes of websites, lots of “go here, go there” via emails. It was/is cumbersome and overwhelming for many. She decided to think more systematically - job searches are mostly repeatable processes, regardless of where you are in your career or what you do.

Pam created a checklist. She used off-the-shelf software. And it worked much better!

But, the tool was not perfect. She had lunch with Kate Corrigan, a long-time friend and consulting colleague and shared the frustration of not having the right software, tailoring to the specific aspects of a job search.

OK, cliche, but on the napkin, we drew out Archer. It was an electronic job search checklist.

Starting in 2018, we decided to build Archer and see if we could bring to job seekers everywhere a better way to execute job searches.

Why do we care so much?

We have had long and successful careers. But, they were not perfect either. We have looked for new jobs, hired many professionals, and seen just about everything in the business environment (boom and bust). We believe in what people bring to business. We have known and worked for some of the best and our histories are rich with individuals who are awesome. Talent in organizations is crucial. We want as many of you as possible to bring your talent to hiring employers. And then, succeed once there. We know too - firsthand - job searches can be gnarly, frustrating, and ambiguous.

We have academic backgrounds (i.e., professors and teachers) too. We teach because we care about young professionals and what lies ahead in your future career. Those on our team who are in the early part of their career can relate to the challenges of getting that first job. The environment of work is ever changing too. We want you to be prepared for that, especially for many who have invested a lot in education and worked hard to get where you are.